Auto Transmission Problems and Repairs


The most complicated piece of machinery on your car is often the automatic transmission. In this time with 8 speed automatics and 7 speed manuals, today’s transmission is more complex and advanced than ever (and more expensive to replace).

The good news is that modern transmissions are well-made, however you should still keep an eye out for early signs of trouble. Watch out for the following signs of trouble:

  • Trans leaking fluid on the driveway (this may cause very low fluid level which is going to cause problems)
  • Check engine light comes on (also has trans sensors)
  • Clunking sound
  • Odd smell (smell the trans dipstick for a burnt smell)
  • Trans makes noises
  • Won’t go into a gear

It is also important to keep up a regular maintenance schedule for your car. Many times major expensive repairs can be avoided if the vehicle is properly maintained. This is especially true if you notice something unusual. The car should be taken in immediately for service. Watching for the above signs is highly recommended as it can help you save money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs.

If your vehicle has any of the above symptoms, or is showing an engine light, take it to Escondido Auto Tech. The guys at EAT are used to diagnosing the problem quickly. Schedule an appointment today at Escondido Auto Tech by calling us at (760)745-4454.