Fall Maintenance Tips

Cooler and shorter days signal the arrival of the fall season. Your car may have taken your family on a summer vacation, and the air conditioning, coolant and engine oil were all put to the test.

When fall arrives it is time to turn your attention to the next maintenance items most vehicles will require to get through the next season. Wiper blades tend to dry out during summer months, and now may be the time to inspect or replace your wipers. Safety experts say wiper blades should be changed every 5,000 to 6,000 miles, or twice a year.

Check your lights, lamps and covers. If you drove through a sandstorm this past summer, or maybe just due to the age of the vehicle, your vehicle may have discolored or fogged lenses covering the headlights. Now is a good time to make sure all lights work, and the lenses are clear.

Also be sure to check your tire tread depth. You may have put a lot of miles on your vehicle this past summer, and now have less than recommended minimum tread depth on your tires. This depth becomes more important during the rainy season. Minimum depth on any tread is usually 1/32?, but that is less than optimal for driving on wet roads. If your tires have become worn, the fall season is a great time to replace them.

Prepare and protect your cars finish. A vehicle’s first line of defense against the elements is a good wash and wax job to protect the metal surfaces from pitting and corroding, and keeps your car looking its best. Get rid of that summer grime and apply a thick coat of protective wax to help your car weather the fall and winter months to come.

If you’re unsure whether your car needs attention at this time of year, contact Escondido Auto Tech at (760)745-4454 to schedule an appointment for a quick inspection.