New Years Resolutions for Your Car

2018 is just around the corner. Each year we make resolutions to make our lives better… but what about our car? Your vehicle also deserves some attention and some goals to make it better for next year.

Have you ever made a resolution for your car? No? You’re not alone… 35% of all Americans and up to 75% of the latest generation ignore preventive maintenance for their car.


I RESOLVE to keep up with my car’s fluid changes
Oil, brake fluid, coolant, transmission and other fluid changes are more than routine services; the prevention is worth its weight in gold when it comes to protecting your car.

I RESOLVE to check on my car’s tires and wheels
A little wobble or vibration is not a minor issue; it means either a tire, rim, or some part of your suspension is out of alignment. So please have all suspension and tire problems checked as soon as you can to avoid more costly repairs. Don’t forget to test the tire pressure.

I RESOLVE to schedule regular check-ups for my car
Regular checkups identify signs of wear on your vehicle that may lead to a breakdown or component damage. If for instance, Escondido Auto Tech is changing your oil regularly, this is part of our normal procedure for you.

I RESOLVE to drive smarter
Preventative car maintenance starts behind the wheel. Bad driving habits may cause your vehicle and its components to wear down more quickly. Let your car warm up on cold days. Accelerate and Brake gently; lighten your car’s load by keeping the truck/cargo area clear of extra unnecessary items.

I RESOLVE to keep my car clean
This is about more than aesthetics; dirt and road grime can cause your car’s exterior to wear. Preserving the interior car is important too; for comfort and to ensure you maintain your car’s overall value.

I RESOLVE to address my car’s minor problems early
It’s easy to hear a strange noise in your vehicle and hope that it will go away. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. The potential consequences of ignoring problems can be catastrophic.  Allow us to be your guide to regular auto maintenance to extend the life of your vehicle and protect your investment.

If you think that your vehicle needs a diagnosis, or is due for regular maintenance, schedule an appointment at Escondido Auto Tech at (760) 745-4454 or online at