Driver Safety Awareness

Driver Safety Awareness

It pays to be aware of car sounds and smells when driving, or when outside and the engine is running.

It s a good thing to maintain an awareness for safety sake, of listening, being aware of unusual smells, smoke, etc. You may be accustomed to the usual car sounds on a daily basis, so any noise or smell that is new, may indicate something has changed and now there is a problem.

Smells such as burnt rubber, hot oil, gasoline, coolant, or burning can be a sign of trouble for your vehicle. Many people ignore these warnings, but when acted on, can result in safety and saving money.

Stay on Your Maintenance Schedule
Being aware of your car will help you address any issues before they become bigger problems. Over time, some car parts and components start to show wear or become damaged. The key to preserving your vehicle and your investment is doing basic maintenance. Keeping up with fluid changes, proper tire inflation, tire wear inspection checks, filter changes and other services will help avoid bigger repairs.

Preserve your Cars Re-sale Value
Preserve your resale value and make it easy to sell when the time comes. A car that is poorly maintained will not only loose much of its value, it will become very difficult to trade in or sell when it is time to get a different vehicle. By remaining aware of your car’s condition on a regular basis, you can guard against getting blindsided by a big repair bill or letting your investment decline dramatically.

If you notice something different or are unsure of whether your car needs attention, you know you can depend on the guys at EAT. Contact Escondido Auto Tech at (760)745-4454 to schedule an appointment for a vehicle inspection.