Auto Air Conditioning Maintenance

As warmer weather approaches, now might be a good time to inspect and or service your car’s air conditioning system.

In California, we sometimes use our air all year around, but it gets especially heavy use during summer months.

Be advised that your vehicles a/c does need regular servicing. Take it to your local auto repair shop, and keep these things in mind:

The refrigerant does need to be recharged periodically. About every two years is a good rule of thumb for servicing. When you service it regularly, your mechanic will make sure the connections are all tight and there are no leaks. There are some standard items your shop will check for you.

  • For instance, at EAT Auto, we will check the fans throughout the system
  • For the refrigerant, we will perform a PSI pressure check
  • At the vents, we will place a thermometer to verify cooling temps
  • The compressor (and belt) is checked thoroughly – this is the heart of the system
  • We will check the condenser and make sure its clean for max efficiency
  • We will also verify that all of the switches, relays and fuses are working properly

Finally, learn to use the A/C controls correctly in your vehicle. Close or open vents as necessary. Consult the users manual or ask your dealer (or Google it) for information on how to set the output ducts, temperature and controls.

If you’re unsure whether your car needs attention, you know you can depend on the guys to give you the straight scoop. Contact Escondido Auto Tech at (760)745-4454 to schedule an appointment for a vehicle inspection.