Preparing Your Vehicle for a Road Trip


With the travel season approaching, many vehicle owners turn to their spring and summer travel plans, and longer trips using the family car require some maintenance steps to make sure the trip is safe and enjoyable and without incident.

Here are some of the items to have your local shop inspect or service before those trips:

  1. Service Items – Request that they check all of the normal service items like wipers, washer fluid, coolant, oil change, filters etc. Also have them check for evidence of any leaks from the engine, brakes or transmission.
  2. Tune Up – If your car has not had a tune up recently, now is a good time to get one. You will save money on gas, and the car will be more enjoyable to drive.
  3. Battery – Pay special attention to the battery. The battery is statistically the number one culprit for ruining a vacation. Make sure it is in top shape, and all the cables and connections are tight.
  4. Tires & Brakes – Check “road safety” items like brakes, shocks and tires. Have the shop make sure there is plenty of brake lining left, and tire rubber, and inspect the shocks. Your vehicle will be loaded, and will really need those shock absorbers to do their job. Make sure you check the tire pressure the day of the trip.
  5. GPS Navigation – speaking of safety, having a gps and a cell phone will add immeasurably to your peace of mind and safety. Double check what the GPS is telling you however, as the instructions are occasionally incorrect. If your car doesn’t have a built-in GPS, you can have one installed or get a dash mounted unit.
  6. Emergency kit – whenever you travel far from home you should have an emergency kit in the trunk. It should include WATER, first aid supplies, a flashlight, jumper cables, minimal tools, flares and or warning triangles, your wheel lock key if any. A fire extinguisher rated for Class B is also recommended.
  7. Clean car – You may not finish with a clean car, but your trip will be more fun if you begin with one. Have it washed and vacuum the interior, and clean the windows to see all that beautiful scenery along the way.

Bring your car into EAT before that next auto vacation. You know you can depend on the guys to give you the straight scoop. Contact Escondido Auto Tech at (760)745-4454 to schedule an appointment for a vehicle inspection. Have a safe trip!