Importance of a Good Tune-Up

Car experts remind all of us to keep your car in top running shape, you should do a tune-up every so often, however, just a generic tuneup isn’t necessarily all you need to satisfy your particular car’s needs.

A good tune up really follows the owners recommended service intervals and follows other items which come due. You can consider the regular maintenance items to be part of your car’s “tune-up”.

Don’t wait until the check engine light comes on… Some peoples idea of auto maintenance is to drive until a light comes on or something happens. This usually results in higher than necessary maintenance costs, due to waiting until the problem becomes severe.

There are some items which are a regular part of engine maintenance, and these often include the following:

Engine checks:

  • Battery condition and voltage
  • Cylinder compression differences between cylinders
  • Engine vacuum to check for any leaks
  • Scanning fault codes in the ECU
  • Verify idle speed setting
  • Check o2 sensors and timing

Engine parts replacements:

  • Depending on what the above checks reveal, these items are often replaced:
  • Spark plugs (depending on type of plugs interval)
  • Rotor and cap (if these are serviceable)
  • Fuel filters
  • Check and adjust timing and idle speed

Some of the issues which can be solved with a good tune-up include – hard starting, stalling, hesitation, misfiring, bad fuel economy and lack of power.

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