Autumn Car Care

Autumn auto maintenance falls between the two seasons that are the hardest on your vehicle, hot summers and cold winters. You can perform tasks that will help it recover from the heat of summer and prepare it for the cold of winter. Southern California often has mild winters with some rain, but you may also be planning a trip to the local mountains. Here is our list of maintenance items for this season:

Battery – The harsh heat of summer can cause battery fluids to evaporate, damaging the internal structure of the battery. Cold weather can also be harsh on a battery, so it is a good idea to check the battery and charging system in between seasons.

Belts, Hoses, and Filters – have your mechanic check your belts and hoses for any signs of fraying, cracking or leaking.

Brakes – Have your brakes inspected to make sure they are in proper working order. If something needs attention, don’t delay. Avoiding brake repair is extremely dangerous at any time, but even more so in adverse winter conditions.

Cooling System- have your mechanic make sure the antifreeze is at the proper level and add more if needed, also checking the radiator hoses at the same time.

Check Heater- The heater and defroster work off of the cooling system, so while your mechanic is checking the radiator hoses, they can inspect the heater hoses as well.

Oil – now is a good time for al oil change. You should change your oil around every 5,000-6,000 miles.

Tires – Make sure you keep your tires properly inflated, cold air condenses so check regularly. Check tread wear and don’t forget to check your spare. Also, practice fitting your snow chains before you head into our local mountains during winter conditions.

Tune-up – You may want to consider getting a tune-up, especially if it has been around 30,000 miles since your last one. At the very least, have your mechanic inspect your distributor, spark plugs, and wires.

At Escondido Auto Tech, we can check the above items for you. If you think your car is ready for the above, please schedule an appointment at Escondido Auto Tech by calling us at (760)745-4454.