Auto Accessory and Electronics Repair

Is your car experiencing problems with the starting system, or other 12 volt systems?

With todays advanced, well designed systems, problems are relatively rare. Diagnosing problems may be challenging due to the complexity of built-in systems, and requires an expert shop to do the troubleshooting.

At EAT, we use specialized equipment to troubleshoot the cause of your problem. Our tools can access the data which is stored in your vehicles computer system, and that data can be used to track down the source of the issue.
Here are some of the more common electrical issues today’s vehicle owner may face:
Your car won’t start – This problem is by far the most common one which has plagued drivers since the automobile was invented. If your car wont start, chances are it is a problem with the battery, alternator or starter. If your lights will light brightly, then the problem may be something other than the battery. Your auto service center can determine which one.
Dim lights– The lights work but are dim as you drive – you may have a problem with your charging system
Blown fuses – A particular accessory – radio, taillights, A/C, cruise control, doesnt work. You can always replace the fuse, but you should know why it blew in the first place.
Dead Battery – Auto batteries can fail without warning, however, it is good practice to have your repairman to test the cells and cables.
Alternator – Even a newer battery wont stop the headlights from dimming if the charging system isn’t working. Be sure to verify your alternator is working. Get used to knowing what is a “normal” reading on your voltmeter gauge on your dashboard.
Fusible Link – A fusible link is a higher capacity connector which protects accessories connected to the battery. These can fail gradually or all at once.
Faulty Switches – From the starter switch to the headlight switch and dozens of other switches use in your car, they sometimes do wear out and need to be tested and replaced to see if they are the source of the problem.

At Escondido Auto Tech, we have a full line of manufacturer certified diagnostic tools. The tools, scanners and equipment are the same or better than those used in dealership service departments. If you think your car needs troubleshooting, please schedule an appointment at Escondido Auto Tech by calling us at (760)745-4454.