Diagnostics for your Car

At EAT we are methodical in our analysis of your car’s problem

Figuring out whats wrong with your car is an exacting process. That’s why local car owners leave it up to the Certified Repair personnel at EAT Auto.

At EAT auto, our use of state of the art computer diagnostic equipment keeps us a step ahead of the game, and allows you to keep your automobile in the best shape possible. We know that your car is a very Important part of your life, and your time is valuable. Why should you come to us for diagnosing problems with your car? Because we’re serious about using the latest in technology to save you time and money and get the best result!

Our cutting edge computer diagnostic equipment is a great complement to our skilled technicians. The two work together here to allow us to do some of the best auto repair work you can get, we’re talking dealership level service – but without dealership level prices. That’s something that anyone can appreciate here in inland north county, great work at a reasonable price!

If you think that your vehicle needs diagnostics, maintenance or repairs, schedule an appointment at Escondido Auto Tech at (760) 745-4454 or online at eatauto.com.