Summer is Here. Is Your Car Ready?

You may be ready for the summer heat, but the hot temperatures, combined with dust, sand and highway traffic jams, can push your car to the max. Is your car ready?

Regular maintenance can reduce the odds that your vehicle will suddenly die on the interstate in the hot summer sun, and it should lengthen your car’s life span.

Here are some tips to prepare your car for summer:
Get your air conditioning examined. An experienced auto technician will do a thorough job to ensure your vehicle doesn’t fail in hot and humid weather. A qualified technician will be able to test Freon for contamination and add Freon if necessary. Your air conditioning system should be tested for any leaks or pressure and temperature issues, as well as inspecting your drive belt.

Flush and refill your cooling system. Your vehicle’s cooling system should be flushed and refilled every two years. Your coolant should also be checked periodically to make sure the coolant is at the recommended level, condition and concentration. Your cooling system is particularly critical in the hot summer months since it is often the primary cause of summer side-of-the-road breakdowns. It’s important to use a professional to check your drive belts, hoses and clamps since a certified technician would be a good judge of the condition and proper tightness of these critical cooling system features.

Change your oil and oil filter. Most car owner’s manuals recommend that you change your oil and oil filter about every 3,000 miles. You may need to change it more often if you are rough on your vehicle by often towing a trailer or camper or find yourself often stuck in stop-and-go traffic.

Replace worn windshield wipers. A dirty windshield wiper and lack of windshield wiper fluid can pose a serious hazard, and unfortunately, most of the time you won’t realize it until you’re stuck in the middle of a rainstorm. Take preventive measures and keep your wiper fluids topped off and immediately replace any bad wipers.
Regularly inspect and clean your headlights. Make a point to regularly clean your headlights of insects, dirt and other debris with a wet towel or rag. Check all your lights and replace any bulbs that are burned out.

Rotate your tires every 5,000 miles. Check the pressure on your tires at least once a month, and don’t forget to check the pressure on the spare in the back. Your tire jack should also be in good condition and ready for use if needed. If your tires appear to have uneven tread or are worn and bulging, it could be time for new tires.
Get your brakes inspected. Check your owner’s manual to see how often your brakes should be inspected. If you’re noticing any jerking motions, noises or it’s taking longer to stop, you should get your vehicle in for a brake inspection.

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