Diesel Repairs

Escondido Auto Tech specializes in Diesel Auto and Diesel Light Truck service and repairs.

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Whether you bring in your diesel for its regular oil filter replacement, gasket check-up fluid levels, or any other items, the team at Escondido Auto Tech is ready to take care of your diesel needs!‚Äč

Diesels are a Bit Different

Regular inspection of glow plugs is very critical for the proper maintenance of a diesel engine. The ignition of this engine depends upon compressed heat but it often fails to produce enough heat for the fuel to burn. As a result the glow plugs are used to heat up the cylinder before the cold engine gets started. The gaskets on the diesel engine call for regular monitoring as they work under very severe and harsh conditions. All the mounting bolts should be checked regularly to avoid leaks which can lead to other complications.

Here are some of the diesel maintenance issues we can address:

  • Head Gasket replacement
  • FICM (fuel injection control module) replacement
  • Turbo cleaning/Turbo replacement
  • DEF fluid system
  • Fuel injector replacement
  • Fuel system service
  • Water pump replacement
  • Glow plugs and glow plug module replacement
  • EGR system repairs.
  • EGR & Oil cooler replacement
  • Electrical systems repairs
  • Fuel injection pump replacement
  • Fuel lift pump replacement
  • Cooling system repairs
  • Transmission replacement
  • Clutch replacement

Oil change for Engine Longevity

When you drive a vehicle that contains a diesel-powered engine, it is very important to set up regular oil changes with your local mechanic. Engine oil plays extra roles in a diesel – it cools the added heat from the much higher combustion chamber pressures and temperatures, as well as the usual job of lubricating and protecting metal parts. Letting your engine oil get too low or dirty could result in serious mechanical troubles for a diesel. We can create an oil change maintenance schedule for your diesel engine which matches your manual and driving style.

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