Escondido auto repair services

escondido-auto-repairsThere are a variety of auto repair services shops in
Escondido, and yet there are only a few which perform
high quality work at a value price while providing great customer service.

What to look for

When looking around for a shop to repair or maintain your car, there are a few things to keep in mind, which can separate the average, run-of-the-mill shop, from a truly professional facility.

• When you visit the auto repair facility, is the shop and customer waiting area clean and organized?

• As you chat with the staff, do they treat you with repect, and are friendly? Good auto repair businesses will have a high degree of customer service and satisfaction. You can make a phone call to the shop to inquire about their services and that conversation will give you a glimpse into what their customer service is like.

• Professional repair shops will provide a written estimate. Does the shop provide one without asking for it?

• Does the repair facility offer a warranty for work done? Most reputable shops offer a warranty on parts and labor and the warranty is usually posted in the lobby.

• Is the business well established? If so, the shop should have a long list of satisfied customers or references. Satisfied recommendations are very helpful in selecting the right shop. You can also check online for reviews of that business.

What we do at Escondido Auto Tech

At Escondido Auto Tech we take the responsibility of repairing your vehicle seriously. Your safety and satisfaction is paramount. If we wouldn’t use an auto part in one of our vehicles, we won’t use it in yours.

Auto repair technology is constantly changing both with electronics and mechanical engineering issues. Today’s vehicles are evolving at a rapid pace and cars are more hi-tech than ever, requiring repair facilities to continually upgrade their diagnostics, repair equipment and technicial skills. At Escondido Auto Tech our mechanics are ASE certified and go through continual updated training to make sure that we use the latest tools and techniques to take advantage of current automotive technologies.

Contact E.A.T.  today at 760-454-4454 to speak with a service advisor, or browse the rest of our website for more information about our personalized service or routine scheduled maintenance.