Auto Electrical Repairs and Diagnostics

Auto Electric Repair

Electronics and accessories are driving auto electric repairs, since those items are at the forefront of current automotive design.

With the advent of automotive computer chips and more on board electronics, the world of automotive accessories is now more exciting than ever.Stereo systems with CD players and MP3 connections, video displays, heads-up displays, remote starters, radar detectors, GPS are all hot accessories in today’s car market. There are also power windows, power doors, and many other servo powered gadgets. However, not all auto repair shops are well equipped to do such sophisticated electronic repairs.

  • Power windows / locks
  • Accessories
  • Battery service
  • Alternator removal & replacement
What symptoms to watch for

Here are some of the more traditional auto electric areas to watch out for to keep your car’s electrical and electronic systems in top condition.

Vehicle lighting – In the event that your vehicle lights are not working, it may cause a vehicle malfunction or accidents as well as a moving violation. Cars have a lot of different lamps to maintain, for example, brake lights, tail lights, driving lights, head lights, LED lights, replacement bulbs, trailer lights, and even vanity lights.

Short circuits – A short circuit is an abnormal low-resistance connection between two nodes of an electrical circuit. Sometimes electrical shorts develop from wires that have lost their insulation and rub bare wire against metal in the car. Shorts that go without repair will eventually wear down your battery or alternator.

Power window and locks – If you are having problems with your power window or locks our qualified experience technicians can repair most problems. For example, we are well versed in power window motor repair and replacement, power window regulators, window switches, shorts in the systems, power assisted doors, and power window locks.

Starters – Car starters and truck starters have to deliver loads of torque for cranking vehicle engines in all weather conditions. In cold or hot weather, your starter must perform reliably. We offer quality starter motor replacements with great warranties.

Alternators – Your alternator generates direct current for recharging the battery and for powering vehicle electrical loads. The alternator consists of a spinning set of electrical windings called a rotor, a stationary set of windings called a stator, a rectifier assembly, a set of brushes to maintain electrical contact with the rotor. Alternators use compact, electronic voltage regulators that may be housed inside the alternator or elsewhere.

Ignition switch – A car’s ignition switch serves several purposes. First, it allows a momentary connection from the starter to the battery, allowing the battery to send a powerful surge of electricity to the starter when the car is being started. Second it allows you to control the power to many of the car’s accessories. When your ignition switch fails, it is sometimes the electrical wiring or the plastic housing develops problems. The car may not turn on and/or start when this happens. Replacing an ignition switch can be tricky business, particularly in newer cars, because of the anti-theft devices used in cars.

We are expert car electricians who:

• Have experience in many types of electrical issues beyond the “usual.”
• Carefully listen to what you are saying about your car’s symptoms.
• Will test accurately, perform a quality repair, and then PROVE the repair.
• Care about their reputation in the industry.
• Provide guarantees for all work.

A 29+ year history of success documented by customer loyalty, longevity, and testimonials means you can be confident your car will be fixed correctly at E.A.T.

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