Brake Inspection & Repairs

Brake Inspection

Without brakes, driving would not be possible. Brakes are as essential as your engine, and are used to reduce vehicle velocity and stop your car safely.

Tires are also key in everything concerned with driving — starting, cornering and stopping. Because of their importance to driving ease and safety, purchasing the right tires for your vehicle and driving conditilons will save you money and provide greater driving satisfaction

What to look for

Whether they come in the form of drum brakes, or discs, auto brakes have been horsepower’s companion throughout the decades. Drum and disc based braking systems are still in use today, and although the mechanics of drum and disc brakes have not changed, braking systems have become much more powerful to accommodate heavier, faster automobiles.

Compared to drum brakes, disc brakes offer better stopping performance, because the disc is more easily cooled. Discs are less prone to brake fade which is caused when the braking surface overheats. Disc brakes recover more quickly than drums after getting wet. In the 1960’s power brakes were introduced, which helped accommodate the large American full-size cars of the era.



  • Road test for brake performance
  • Inspect brake pads / linings
  • Estimate life left
  • Measure rotors/drums
  • Inspect hydraulic systems for leaks
  • Inspect all brake hardware for wear / defects
  • Clean and adjust system including parking brake
  • Adjust brake fluid level

Since the ’70s, and the addition of computer-controlled sensors, plus a general emphasis on automobile safety, brake technology has led us through a rapid evolution of ABS braking. Braking technology has experienced tremendous advances over the years, from ABS anti-locking technology to the composition of the brake pads.

What we do at E.A.T.

The brakes on your car were designed to certain manufacturers standards. Do not compromise the performance of your stopping system by allowing your repair shop to install inferior parts. Any reputable shop will insist on using quality OEM or better replacement parts. Escondido Auto Tech uses Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) quality or better parts when replacing your braking hardware. E.A.T. does not use substandard replacements.

Keep your family safe! If your car’s brakes are not performing properly, come to E.A.T. in Escondido. We provide expert brake replacement and comprehensive auto maintenance services. Call or email us today.

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