Cooling System

Service Cooling System

The system’s cooling fan circulates air through the radiator so that it can release engine heat into the surrounding air. Your fans might be mechanical or electric, and if the cooling fan malfunctions, your engine can quickly overheat.

A pressure cap is sometimes, but not always called the radiator cap. It may be on the radiator, or on the coolant reservoir. A pressure cap should be inspected at least once a year. A CAP THAT IS TAKEN OFF WHILE THE ENGINE IS STILL HOT CAN RESULT IN SEVERE BURNS from the spray of boiling coolant.

The coolant reservoir indicates the level of coolant in the system. The thermostat is a valve that regulates the flow of coolant based on coolant temperature. A poorly performing thermostat can result in overheating, engine knocking, poor fuel economy, your heater not working properly, and more.

  • Cooling System Flush
  • Inspect hoses and clamps
  • Pressure test cooling system
  • Flush engine, radiator & heater core
  • Service reminders sent via e-mail
  • Inspect thermostat and electric cooling fan
  • Pressure test cooling system
  • Drain and refill with new Coolant

What we do at E.A.T.

Escondido Auto Tech has been repairing cooling systems for almost 30 years. We offer full service radiator repair & installation for all cars and light trucks. Your E.A.T. technician recommends changing your coolant every two years or 24,000 miles. During this procedure, your technician will also check your hoses and radiator for leaks and cracks and repair any that need to be replaced. Your E.A.T. technician will inspect your electric fan or cooling fan and make sure the drive belt, that makes it turn, is not loose or cracked.

As a customer of Escondido Auto Tech your safety comes first! Call us today to schedule your cooling system or radiator service appointment.

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Whether you need to have periodic maintenance done, investigate a check engine light, or perform specific repairs, you can rely on E.A.T. to complete the service correctly the first time and to explain everything to you!