Pre-purchase Inspection

Pre-purchase Inspection

You have decided to purchase a used vehicle. There are almost endless choices out there. Vehicle ownership is the second most expensive investment you will probably make, next to your home, if you are like most people.

First you need to decide is what your needs are. Who will be driving? Fuel mileage? Where will it be driven and how will the vehicle be used. When choosing what kind of vehicle will work, you need to narrow your search to styles and features that work for you. Next, weigh your choices by reliability, safety, and resale value.

If you’re shopping for a quality used vehicle, you will also need to know about the condition, and that’s where we can help.

  • Pre-purchase inspection (used cars)
  • Inspect vehicles before long trips
  • Troubleshoot & advise on costs

At Escondido Auto Tech we can provide you with a comprehensive “pre-purchase” inspection. So you can have the confidence you need when making a sound purchase decision. Over the years, we have saved many of our clients from major heart aches and money by helping clients find the right vehicle the first time.

Since we are a full auto service and repair facility, we can put together a maintenance and repair plan that protects your investment and fits your budget and goals.

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Whether you need to have periodic maintenance done, investigate a check engine light, or perform specific repairs, you can rely on E.A.T. to complete the service correctly the first time and to explain everything to you!