Diesel Services in Escondido, CA

When you have a diesel truck, you have an efficient and powerful vehicle. However, you also have a vehicle that requires specialized and knowledgeable care. Here at Escondido Auto Tech, we offer diesel truck services and maintenance to ensure that your truck runs optimally and stays healthy. Come to our Escondido, CA, shop and see the diesel services we offer.

Importance of Diesel Maintenance

Diesel engines require certain services to run strong. Everything from making sure the coolant is sufficient to changing the fuel filters is important to the health of your engine. We can also clean the engine since constant use will inescapably create dirt, dust, and other debris. A thorough cleaning can make sure your engine lasts as long as possible and stays efficient.

Air filters are also important because a dirty filter can effectively choke your engine. When your filter is clogged, your engine burns more fuel to maintain normal levels of power and acceleration. We make sure that the filters are clean and do their job.

Another huge part of your diesel engine is the radiator, and because diesel engines run hot, the radiator is vital. Come into Escondido Auto Tech, and we'll make sure each aspect of your diesel engine is cared for and working properly. Whether you need preventative maintenance or serious repairs, our team of professionals can handle whatever you need.

Reasons to Come to Us

Escondido Auto Tech was created in 1988, and we've been family-owned and -operated since then. We specialize repairs and services for basically all models of cars, SUVs, and trucks. Each of our technicians is certified and experienced, so you know you're getting the best auto services around.

When you come to us for diesel repairs or other vehicle services, you get a 24-month guarantee to prove our confidence. Call us today at (760) 745-4454.