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Smog Check and Repair at Escondido Auto Tech

Escondido Auto Tech is a California-licensed STAR Smog Test and Repair Station. Our knowledgeable service writers and smog-licensed technicians have met the high performance standards established by the Bureau of Automotive Repair and are dedicated to continuing California's efforts to further improve the quality of air Californians breathe. By being STAR certified as a Test and Repair Station, Escondido Auto Tech can test and perform emissions-related repairs on all vehicles - any make, model, and/or year. Escondido Auto Tech is proud to say we employ only the highest ASE-certified technicians, most of whom also double as instructors in California's Smog Program. 

What is the STAR Smog Program?

The STAR Smog Check program and California's emission laws are designed to identify vehicles that have failed a smog check due to excessively high emissions levels. STAR Certified Smog Check Stations provide a higher level of smog check and repair services. STAR Stations can be licensed to either perform smog test, or to provide both smog testing and repair, should your vehicle fail the smog inspection. Escondido Auto Tech is a test AND repair station, offering our customers the convenience of leaving the vehicle for repair rather than having to take it somewhere else. 

How do I know if I'm Required to take my vehicle to a STAR Smog Check Station?

Vehicles that are required to go to a STAR Station are usually vehicles with excessively high emissions levels based on their smog history. Your registration renewal notice from the Department of Motor Vehicles will tell you whether or not your vehicle requires a smog inspection and what type of station it should go to.You are also required to smog your vehicle if you plan on selling it (a smog certificate is needed in order to complete the sale. Smog certificates are good for 90 days) or you are bringing your vehicle into California from another state to be registered. The DMV will not register your vehicle until a passing smog inspection have been completed. 

Does Escondido Auto Tech Participate in the Consumer Assistance Program?

Escondido Auto Tech DOES participate in the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP). The CAP Program is administered by the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) and is designed to help improve California's air quality. The program offers financial assistance to income eligible consumers whose vehicles fail biennial (every other year) smog inspection - options include up to $1500 to retire a vehicle or up to $500 in emissions-related repairs done at a STAR-Certified Test and Repair Station. Participation requires that as a co-payment, you must pay the total costs associated with the testing and diagnosis of the emissions-related failures for your vehicle. STAR Test and Repair stations, like Escondido Auto Tech, can repair vehicles that have been approved to receive financial assistance toward emissions-related repairs through CAP.  Smog Check Test and Repair stations and Smog Test Only Stations CANNOT perform repairs that have been approved to receive financial assistance through CAP. To obtain additional information and eligibility requirements, visit BAR's website at or contact the Department of Consumer Affairs' Consumer Information Center (CIC) Monday through Friday, 8 AM - 4:50 PM at (800) 952-5210. 

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The Bureau of Automotive Repair offers various programs and resources for consumers. Through the Consumer Assistance Program, consumers can receive financial assistance with repairs or retire their vehicle. The Auto Body Inspection Program offers no-cost inspections of collision-related repairs and the Referee Program provides Smog Check resources to consumers. Representatives can help mediate complaints against automotive repair dealers.